1 William Street
 is a high profile office block in the Brisbane CBD, for which Fredon has won 2 successive Queensland NECA (National Electrical and Communications Association) excellence awards for Energy Efficiency and Environment.

Last year’s award was for measures taken to extend the life of the LED lighting in the building.  (see: “​1 William Street, a brilliant and illuminating win​“).

This year another project was negotiated directly with the building owners to implement a new approach to daylight harvesting, based on novel research by ​​Brenden Harris, Juan Montes, Rhett Dixon, Gaven Parkinson and Nadine Forbes (Download the paper here).

This discrete project meant that 1 William Street could be re-entered into the state awards for the NECA Environment and Efficiency category and win all over again.

The expected energy savings for buildings that adopt the Fredon product will be in the vicinity of 50-60%. You read that right. Research is still continuing, however, it has a huge potential impact.

A basic explanation of the Sensorless Daylight Harvesting process is below.  ​Well done to the Queensland team once again for trail blazing work. ​