Fredon has developed a methodology for the fabrication of up to 70% of a data centre off-site at our facilities.

Our experience has shown that with our methodology, this prefabrication can increase quality, reduce timelines and save costs. The method also allows for increased recycling of materials and a reduction of waste in the data centre.

Fredon believes that prefabrication benefits multiple aspects of the project including:


  • Removes employees from the jobsite to a controlled shop environment
  • Less exposure to potentially hazardous situations

Time saving:

  • Amount of time spent on a project can be reduced
  • Weather delays can be minimized as work is taking place in a controlled environment

Reduced labour costs: 

  • Maximises productivity of on-site manpower through the use of manufacturing and product methodologies
  • Working in shop environments
  • Special tooling


  • Fewer errors as products are built in a controlled environment using consistent methods of production
  • Allows for pretesting before installation

Fredon’s qualified staff skillfully evaluates each project looking for the most cost effective way to build the project. Fredon has invested significantly in our methodology and tooling, including the installation of factory facilities and development of proprietary tooling.

Off-site prefabrication involves having all materials delivered to our factory premises where they are quarantined and unpacked. All recyclable packaging materials are gathered and disposed of together. These materials are then assembled and shipped to site for installation.
The manufacture of custom designed enclosures, frames, panels, ducts, brackets and trays is performed at our factory. This greatly reduces the amount of labour and waste materials that arrives at the site, and has the added benefit of reducing the site facilities required.
Fredon skillfully evaluates each project and ensures that all prefabrication will benefit multiple aspects of the project in the most cost effective methods.
Our 2007 NECA award winning project is described in the video below.