At the NECA award nightThe Brendale Aldi distribution centre project by Fredon’s Queensland electrical branch has won a prestigious National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) National award in the category Commercial – Medium Project. The project achieved a notable environmental standard, though its success in the award is not attributable solely to that.  It represents a high standard of performance by Fredon’s Queensland Branch at every stage.

For  example, Fredon’s tender contained a high level of detail because the team partnered and designed early, helping to lock in prices, quality, technical issues, logistics and stock levels etc.

There was significant re-engineering of the project at the design stage by Fredon Queensland’s in-house engineers.  This process improved the quality of many aspects of the project, notably:

  • the placement of distribution and switch boards for greatly improved efficiency of materials and construction (some 400m feed runs reduced to 40m),
  • use of programable motorised transfer switches rather than automatic ones, to better manage the load shifting between on-site generator and mains power,
  • a review of the projected refrigeration load which found a 50% reduction in the capacity required.  Based on the initial estimation, the electrical supply would not have been adequate for the site.
  • proposing a calculation of the cost/benefit of comparative light fittings based on life-cycle.  This was critical in satisfying Greenstar rating requirements, and also impressed the client sufficiently that the preferred light fittings are now being used on other projects throughout Australia.
  • Sophisticated systems for compliance with Greenstar lux levels, including computer modelling of lux values and reflectance levels throughout the structure.
  • An innovative system of password protected dimmer panels, controlled by an algorithm, to help ensure that lighting levels remain compliant to the required standards.
The management of the project by Paul McKee achieved award-standard performance in factors such as quality, management, work health and safety and training. But the “x-factor” of being able to leverage integrated engineering and project management teams, which comes with projects where Fredon is able to design and construct, allowed a result that truly exceeded client expectations, and indeed set a national standard.