Fredon Security won their third consecutive ASIAL Award for Excellence, a major CCure upgrade executed by the ACT team at the Canberra Hospital.

It was a mission-critical environment where an outage would have been unacceptable. Due to great planning and technical expertise the work was completed quickly and seamlessly over a 10 day period, despite several technical issues, without interruption or inconvenience to the patients or staff.

The project was prompted by the existing installation approaching capacity, which highlighted the requirement to strengthen the resilience of the growing platform.

Planning for the new work leveraged top grade infrastructure in ACT Health, which supports a large access control and video surveillance platform across most ACT Health sites. Specially sourced high-speed network interface cards provide a constant 10 Gigabit multipath connection between the sites to enable a fault tolerant distributed system using a master and slave server architecture.  Each site can operate autonomously.  In the event of a communications failure there is no disruption to electronic security services. These complex additional layers provide protection against a multiple system failure.

The project also received recognition from Tyco at a regional level. “The Performance Excellence Award from Tyco Security Product recognises the technical, planning and delivery expertise that Fredon Security demonstrated in undertaking this sophisticated upgrade for ACT Health. Both teams worked collaboratively leveraging each other’s expertise delivering an excellent result. I can’t think of a more deserving project for recognition and congratulate the team at Fredon Security”  said Mark Romer, Regional Sales Director Pacific for Tyco Security Products.

This award is fantastic recognition – not just for the team in the ACT but for the Electronic Security business as a whole.  Danny Berkovic (Managing Director, Fredon Security) said “I’m really proud of the culture of excellence that is continuing to grow in the business and has been recognised year on year by third parties. Congratulations and well done to the entire team and thank you to our clients for their ongoing support.”