Each year, Fredon run a Safety Drawing Competition for employee’s primary school-aged children. We asked staff to get the entire family involved in the business of safety, by speaking to their families about why they work safely.

Children were encouraged to draw what working safely looks like and why it’s important to wear glasses or gloves.

We were impressed by the 5 winners use of colour, creativity and the clarity of the safety message.

“If Fredon is safe, my Dad is safe.”

The ultimate reminder from Elijah Bennett, aged 8, to his father, Nathan Bennett, who works for Fredon Security in Queensland.

Hunter Tyler, 4, from New South Wales drew why glasses and gloves are important to wear while working – so we don’t get “ouchys” and blood. Hunter’s Dad, Jake Tyler from Fredon Electrical accepted the prize on site at Clarence Correctional Centre.

Joshua Kubiangha, 7, from Victoria gave a lot of detail in showing how people can work safely at heights.

Marcus Sorrell, 9, from New South Wales reminded us how we can work safely and why it is so important-

“Daddy I want you to be safe by wearing your PPE. We all want you to come home safe. Love your family.”

Martin, Marcus’s dad, works for Fredon Electrical and accepted the prize at Clarence Correctional Centre.

Savannah Garland, 7, told us why it’s important to wear glasses and gloves, and also drew what working safely might look like. Savannah’s father, Cameron, works for Fredon Electrical in the Infrastructure department in NSW.