Fredon is a pioneer in offsite prefabrication and we continue to improve the ways in which prefabricated design integrates with the workflow of large construction projects. This increases the efficiency gains delivered by the technique, including quality, consistency and timeliness of project deliverables regardless of site conditions; and also benefit recycling, labour costs and safety outcomes. Our engineers have achieved a proud record of awards and Australia-first innovations.

Offsite prefabrication and staging of equipment is done at our purpose built facilities by specially skilled and qualified staff.



For the Tower 3 project at Barangaroo in Sydney, the services risers were installed in the jump form tower several floors ahead of the construction process.  Ordinarily the prefab module install would need to wait for the jump form to reach a level of about 15 floors, but in this build the prefab modules are keeping pace with the jump form.  Also, standard practice is to build temporary safety screens directly into the jump form, which then have to be removed for access. By including the safety fences in the prefabricated modules, that wasted effort is avoided.


At the back of the riser, a prefabricated fire rated wall fits precisely to create the fourth side of the smoke evacuation riser.  This can be seen in the design view of the riser below, as the purple section at the rear. This is another innovation delivering saving of construction time, cost, and effort for the builder Lend Lease.

To design and construct it to fit, and be standards compliant, Fredon engineers had to create a new fireproof way of fixing it to the frame and also research the appropriate material to use for the wall. It had to be light and strong enough to transport, but effective as a fire wall.

Blacktown Hospital

The video to the left shows horizontal services being prefabricated at the Fredon factory. Our Blacktown Hospital project was one of the first times in Australia this was done. Using this technique, multiple services can be installed at unprecedented speed onsite, like lego blocks.  In concept this approach is bold and elegantly simple, however in execution the degree of precision and 3D design complexity required means that it requires an integrated services company of the size and experience of Fredon to confidently undertake it.

Blacktown Hospital is the first project in Australia to have both horizontal and vertical elements prefabricated offsite.


We have successfully applied this engineering and construction capability to a range of award winning projects, for instance in the construction of an electrical riser for the Gold Coast Private hospital which won a Queensland NECA award in 2015.  We won another NECA award in 2007 applying the technique to construction of the Sydney Data Centre, and have since refined the process working for a who’s who of top technology companies.


Vertical risers on the crane                 Horizontal sections in situ