Scale and sophistication of the Lendlease international head office fitout impresses.

​​​​​​​avt a major supplier of pro AV hardware have awarded Technology division the Best Project for 2017, for the Lendlease international head office fitout, at the Barangaroo Tower 3 in Sydney.

Lendlease’s brief gave us the explicit challenge to provide a leading example of excellence, innovation and social benefit in a building that would be commercially viable from day one.  So it was big, and it was to be a model for other companies of what the future of work would look like.

Lendlease have embraced an activity based working model (ABW) – a form of flexible work arrangement that involves a range of work settings to match tasks, from focussed work & small groups to larger formal meetings and impromptu collaborative sessions.  It implies a considerable investment in AV equipment, not to mention some serious specialist computational power to keep the video and audio bandwidth flowing and easy to control. The project required a high level of collaboration between Lendlease (particularly the Technology Team), Fredon Tech, integrators AT Control and consultants Audio Systems Logic.

The fitout encompassed 10 floors of the prominent new tower, 2 client floors with various showcase features, and 8 typical floors. This added up to around 100 meeting rooms of various sizes and configurations, 79 AV breakaway spaces, and  various specialist facilities such as training rooms, suites, board room and an eyepopping client “immersion” room, all equipped with network based, highly configurable cutting edge AV setups.

For avt​ it provided something of a real world proof of concept for some of their most innovative IP based products. For Fredon it required an good deal of early engagement with the client and the upending of traditional approaches to routing (the directing of video and audio signals travelling in and out and between locations), as well as planning for durable scalability on a relatively untested system. All executed with finesse, naturally.  Well done team!