The Sydney Adventist Hospital (the San) recently launched the San Integrated Cancer Centre, based on the philosophy that the integration of services will improve the effectiveness and experience of treatment for cancer patients.

Our Technology Division worked closely with the hospital to develop a sophisticated MDT (multi disciplinary team) room where collaborative meetings are held for shared review of cancer patients treatment.  Physicians and others clinicians involved in the care of patients can gather round a horseshoe shaped table and review multiple patient data sources side by side on a large screen from all their devices, including smartphones.A large curved screen can flexibly combine up to 6 data streams including input from specialists via live remote video streams together with clinical patient data, diagnostics imaging, reports and clinical photographs or video.

Associate Professor Michael Hughes, A/Prof of Surgery, Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School of the University of Sydney based at the San commented “I’ve been around quite a few multi-disciplinary meetings and I believe what we have developed here is state of the art, the gold standard”Channel Nine news covered the launch of the Centre and the MDT room (Click to view the story on the San’s news page). The report focusses in on the story of one patient, who gives a human perspective on how the quality of integrated care enabled by such a sophisticated facility can positively impact cancer sufferers.”

Fredon’s technology division is proud to have worked in association with Sydney Adventist Hospital over the last 5 years delivering audio visual solutions into SAH’s world class facilities such as their Multi-disciplinary Clinical Education Centre, SAH Clinical School’s Simulation Learning Centre, and new clinical conference facilities and collaboration spaces throughout the recently redeveloped hospital precinct.