This video released by Sydney University to coincide with the official opening of the Abercrombie Street Building today illustrates just how integral the contribution of Fredon Technology was.

The Dean said of the building: “With a focus on cutting-edge research and interactive learning … the campus experience should provide a perfect complement to the online world by creating and facilitating hands-on, face-to-face, mutually supportive interactions.”

“This is where students will imagine the next world-changing digital application …  one of the most significant aspects of the new building is the way it provides so many more students with spaces where they can study, interact and build a sense of community.”

In technology terms this means a massive AV data capacity and flexibility of use with a very wide range of equipment, from fully fitted out lecture theatres up to 550 seats, down to digitally equipped learning hubs and interactive student pods.  Our profile of the project is here