One of Fredon’s core business strengths is maintaining successful long-term relationships with our clients and staff. It has formed the basis for sustained growth over 47 years, so that we are now one of the largest employers of hosted apprentices in Australia. We have been able to preserve our track record of client satisfaction while experiencing exceptional corporate growth by translating our founding values into a management system that guarantees quality.

Our management system

Our management system is based on our 3rd party certification for Quality (Global-Mark).  For each process in the system there is an identified owner who is responsible for developing and reviewing the process. This means that in every aspect of our projects we are looking for ways to improve efficiency, value and workmanship as well as cost, environmental and safety outcomes.

Processes include tendering, engineering and design, project management, WHSE, purchasing and monitoring/evaluation/improvement.  Services include all electrical, data, communications, infrastructure and dry fire.


Specialty lighting at AHL Cinema, Springfield QLD

Recent Projects

Areas of expertise


Fredon’s reputation for construction and project management is based on our certified project management system, our scale and our experience.

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An up-to-date in-house team, expert at construction project support and designing electrical services with optimal energy and cost efficiency.

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Fredon is a pioneer in prefabrication and continues to lead with award winning innovations in provision of electrical and communications services.

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For each location Fredon establishes a schedule of inspection and testing activities, so we can offer preventative and on-call maintenance

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Some major industry sectors serviced

Aldi distribution centre

Aldi distribution centre


Our expertise and capability in the industrial sector includes engineering design, installation, inspection, ongoing services and maintenance. Our projects demonstrate that we have solutions for the challenges of modern industrial construction, including environmental considerations, centralised control systems and building life cycle planning.

New Australian embassy in Bangkok

New Australian embassy in Bangkok

Defence & Government

State & Federal Governments, including the Department of Defence, rely on Fredon. We often deliver services in highly sensitive, mission critical environments such as the Australian Embassies in Tehran and Bangkok.


Virgin Lounge, Perth Airport

Commercial & Retail

Our track record ranges from major construction to working on some award winning bespoke interiors and lighting design.  From daunting logistic challenges to precise attention to detail and design adaptability, our business units offer the expertise required for these projects.


Fredon specializes in managing large-scale multidisciplinary projects, particularly those where the continued operations of facilities is a critical component of the project.

Fredon’s Management provides operational support to the project supervisors and the workforce, fostering collaboration between client, consultants and operational personnel.

Management plays particular attention to client liaison and ensures the client receives their desired outcomes. Safety is Fredon’s upmost priority, for the sake of not only the workforce and their wellbeing but also because of the potential impacts it has on projects. Fredon pays particular attention towards safety and insists everybody buys into the safety culture to look out for one another.

Fredon offers road network infrastructure management and maintenance solutions that adhere to our clients’ business needs. Our expert team delivers effective design, installation and services from project conception to completion. Fredon’s experienced and professional team dedicate themselves to keep all projects and developments on target, on budget and operate to the highest quality and reliability standards. List of services…

Lifting a 280 tonne train at NGRS maintenance facility

Lifting a 280 tonne train at NGRS maintenance facility

High Voltage

A Level 1 Accredited Service Provider (ASP), Fredon specialise in high voltage installations in both Supply Authority (Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Sydney Trains) and private networks.

Fredons’ HV electrical services include:

  • Excavation, conduit and cable installation
  • Padmount and Kiosk Substation
  • Chamber substations
  • Substation upgrades
  • High voltage works
  • Zone substations
  • LV and HV asset relocation
  • Installation of earth grids
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Cable termination and repairs

Fredon construct and commission electrical infrastructure assets for projects of all sizes, whether it is new infrastructure or a complex integration in existing systems. Fredon can also provide early design and constructability reviews for your projects.


Metronode data centre in Canberra


In today’s information age and with rapidly developing technology, it is essential for businesses to install the right data and communications infrastructure to support their evolving needs.

Fredon’s experience in configuring, installing and maintaining data networks ensures our clients get the best data cabling solutions for their business.

Further, Fredon has had many years’ experience in the design and delivery of infrastructure services for data centres Australia wide. Our company prides itself on our ability to design, construct, maintain and service the complex needs of a data centre environment

Fredon’s accumulation of industry awards for providing on time and quality installations is independent testimony of our ability to provide the very best outcomes for our clients.


Gold Coast University Hospital


We have considerable experience dealing with the complex requirements of hospitals and medical facilities.  It is a sector where our scale, expertise in prefabrication and quality certified management system are particularly valuable.


The Charles Perkins Centre, Sydney University


Universities, particularly laboratories, modern AV-based teaching environments and research facilities are a sector that presents varied and particular challenges for electrical services, and where we have done a considerable amount of work and won some major awards.